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The Synthonic Orchestra, Band & Choir: Music / Listen

7. Etude in E Major, Opus 10, No. 3

(The Synthonic Orchestra, Band & Choir)
April 13, 2011
Frederic Francois (Frydryc Franciszek) Chopin

A = 444, equal temperament

When I was in my twenties, Chopin's music just sounded like a bunch of noise.  Later, I began to realize that many of his musical works were almost outlines of larger, yet-to-be expanded major compositions.  It is very regretful that his life was so short (died at 39).  He is now one of my favorites, and sometimes I can hear these larger works painting out while listening to his music.

This one is his Etude in A Major, a somewhat familiar favorite to his following in the twentieth and twenty first centuries (to date). I added some instrumental coloring in the "Bridge".