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The Synthonic Orchestra, Band & Choir: Online Store


The music Player below plays all tracks of all albums, as well as singles.  Use the arrow-right (>>>) to switch to the next album/album track, OR arrow-left (<<<) to go back.  All tracks can be purchased via CD Baby by clicking the Cart in the upper right corner or, clicking on the track name that is currently playing.

Thanks, for Listening!

Clint Jones

(w/virtual orchestra), The Synthonic Orchestra, Band & Choir



All original music tracks and arranged Classical music tracks were created using music notation computer software, connected to various sound modules and synthesizers. Played keyboards and other musical instruments are also added by playing and recording in real time.

The Classical arrangements were the result of obtaining, studying and interpreting various original and later printings and audio performances of the Composer's scores to further understand the intent and interpretation of other performing artists and sheet music publishers. 

Many of the longer Classical arrangements took weeks to (sometimes) months to complete after analyzing every musical note, adjusting tempo, dynamics/articulation, string bowing, individual note/chord volumes, length, characteristics etc., which is a major part of the completed Track.

Once completed, the Track or score notation music can then be printed out or made into PDF sheet music files and placed in the Master Library along with all sound module and synth settings.  These can be printed into sheet music and instrument parts, which can be read by bands, choirs and/or orchestras (if desired or requested), or using the music notation files to record additional CDs or Master Disks.

Publisher: Moody Bascum Osborne Pub.

Labels: Studio Electra, CD Baby

Copyrights 1974-1981, 1986-1991, 2001-2014, to 2019 Robert C. Jones, Jr.