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Here, you will find whole and complete music tracks of all the albums and singles that were composed, arranged, recorded and produced at Studio Electra, which began in 2001 and continues today, with ever-increasing equipment improvements and updates.

Because of your support, this site has been open since around 2005. Your interest and purchases help keep this site on the Web.

This site is mainly for music and some occasional commentary or important Links to others.  You can buy my music and arrangements directly from this site via CD Baby by clicking the, "Player/Online Store" button on the Home Page (upper left), which will show the “Player/Online Store" words.

From the Player/Online Store page you can listen to all complete tracks of all albums and singles.  And, you can also purchase the full download of albums and singles from this same Player, as well as the physical CDs.  You can also click the "See Links" at the Home Page and this will give direct Link access to all my music at CD Baby and Amazon.  However, these two links only play 30 second samples for any track.

There are many Internet music sites, internationally, that sell music downloads and/or streaming of tracks and/or CD albums found on this site.  Remember, when you buy Full Albums/Singles or download a Track or Full Album, it's yours to keep.

You may find my music, experimental music and classical arrangements on music sites that you subscribe to by going to the site and typing in the Search box: "the synthonic orchestra, band & choir" (without parentheses), or by typing in the title of the album, or typing in the name of the Track (which might not be as helpful).

If you like what you hear, remember that this site is available only because of your purchases, either via paid streaming and downloads, or by purchasing the physical albums, for which I am very grateful.

If you ever need to contact me, I can be reached from the information shown in the "Contact" page.  Feel free to call, email or snail mail (at my central WV location) if you ever have any questions, comments, or  with suggestions for improvement.


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Clint Jones

(w/the virtual), The Synthonic Orchestra, Band & Choir